Jeep Tours
Jeep tours can be arranged to your specification as well, and can easily be combined with the other activities.  I can arrange a half day, full day, or multi-day tour through the desert.  The jeeps are a comfortable, fun way to see Wadi Rum. Our Jeeps are covered and in good condition, and your guide will stop for all the sights, hiking and climbing that you require.

Full Day Jeep Tour:

You will stop at the following places:

1. Lawrence Spring

2. Khazali Canyon

3. Little Bridge

4. Um Frouth

5. Burdah Rock Bridge

6. Burrah Canyon

7. Lawrence House

8. Sand Dunes

9. Sunset


After the jeep tour, you will stay the night out our camp in the desert and enjoy a traditional bedouin dinner.


Prices: 2-4 people 50JD per person

Includes guides, all meals, and water.

Half Day Jeep Tour:
Together we will choose a subset of the sites from the full day tour that you are the most interested to see.
Prices: 2-4 people 25 JD per person
Includes guide and water
After the jeep tour, you can camp with us deep in the desert and enjoy a traditional bedouin dinner for an extra 15 JD for each person.
Three Day Jeep Tour:
After drinking tea at my home in Wadi Rum, we will visit all the places in the full day tour on the first day. That night, we will stay at our camp in the desert and enjoy a traditional bedouin dinner. The next day we will visit Wadi Sabit and tour all the sites, including hiking in the canyon, and eat lunch there before returning to the camp for the night. The third day we will see Wadi Noughra and Jabal As-Slayb, and visit caves in the area. Lunch with tea will be served. After lunch we will visit beautiful stretches of open desert before returning to the camp.
Price: 2-4 people 150 JD per person, including guide, all meals, and water.
Camel Tours

Camel rides are available by the hour (10 JD / hour) or by the day.  You can combine a camel ride with your jeep and / or camping tour, or you can choose a two, three, or four day camel trek - the choice is yours!

Full Day By Camel:

We start from Wadi Rum and we visit some beautiful places in desert, canyons, dunes and historical nabatean sites. We take the lunch in the desert, drink tea and rest in peaceful places, and in the afternoon we come back to the village to finish our tour.


Price: 45JD per person, includes guide, meals, and water.
If you would like to stay at our camp overnight and enjoy traditional bedouin dinner and breakfast, and return to the village the next morning by jeep, you can do so for an extra 15 JD per person.

Two Days, One Night By Camel:

We start from the village and see the Lawrence spring, the red sand dunes, Anfashieh Inscriptions, Lawrence House, and Little Bridge. We will stop for lunch and rest around lunch time, and find a nice place in the shade to relax. After the day exploring we will make our way to the camp for sunset, dinner and sleeping.

One the second day, after breakfast we will see the Um Frouth Arch followed by a beautiful place, a canyon. Then on to the Burdah Rock Bridge, where you have lunch in view of the arch. After lunch you will have a short rest then you head back to the village by camel.


Price: 90JD per person, includes guide, all meals, and water.













Ten Day Camel Tour:
We will start from Wadi Rum and we will see all of the south of Jordan, following the old Hijaz railway that was made so famous by Lawrence of Arabia.
Price: 2-4 people 50 JD per person per day
includes everything: guide, all meals, water, and luggage transportation.















Camel and Jeep Tours


If you would like to combine camel touring and jeep touring, we highly recommend this. Same prices as above, just combine the tours you wish to do!