Climbing / Scrambling

Wadi Rum's towering sandstone mountains make for some of the best climbing and scrambling (beginner climbing without gear) found anywhere in the world. While we do not organize climbing expeditions involving ropes and gear, we will be happy to refer you to a local expert climbing guide, or point you in the right direction if you wish to climb on your own. However, if you would like to scramble without gear (still very challenging for most people and a lot fun), we have several options for you:
One Day Scrambling Tours (all prices include guide, all meals, water, and camping):

 Jebel Burdah: 2-4 people 125JD total

 Jebel Um ad Dami: 2-4 people 75JD per person

 Jebel Hash: 2-4 people 75JD per person


5 Day Scrambling Package:

 Day 1: Rakebat Canyon

Day 2: Jebel Burdah

Day 3: Jebel Um Arwies

Day 4: Jebel Hash

Day 5: Jebel Um ad Dami


Price: 2-4 People 65JD per person per day, includes guides, all meals, water, transportation for your luggage, and lodging at our bedouin camp or overnight at the sites you are scrambling.